AMANJEDA Home collections offer luxury textile solutions for interiors - curtains, bedspreads, rugs, carpets and upholstered furniture. AMANJEDA Home is meant and created to enable Amanjeda’s customers to furnish and ‘dress’ interiors with the same objectives of refined quality and attention to details they usually accomplish when dressing themselves.

AMANJEDA Home upholstered furniture is made in cooperation with local artisans and highest level furniture manufacturers. The technological abilities, designer’s vision of functional proportions and world-class fabrics are connected in AMANJEDA Home products.

AMANJEDA Home interior textiles are supplied by the best fabric producers of the World. Our most important partner for interior textiles is Loro Piana company from North Italy, Biella. Amanjeda is the representative of Loro Piana Interiors in Estonia.

Loro Piana Interiors fabrics used for AMANJEDA Home models are the true gifts of nature. The Loro Piana Interiors collections have used only natural and exclusive fibers such as cashmere, wool, angora, silk, linen and cotton. 

In addition to the traditional Loro Piana cashmere and woolen fabrics, the collection offers chevron and linen textures, cotton moleskins and plain shades, shantung and silk velvets and more. The offer is complete and articulated, ready to satisfy the taste and the most demanding requests.The collection offers a large range of fabrics - 30 articles and more than 300 color shades - to dress homes, planes, helicopters and private yachts. The body-friendliness, bright and sensitive colour gamut and durability of the Loro Piana Interiors materials is extraordinary.


AMANJEDA Home sofa set "BIELLA MAXI" is covered Loro Piana Interiors desert shade cotton. The truly luxurious sofa with tailor made proportions can be produced in various widths and depths. The puff and couch are filled with top quality feather.